Conditions & Cancellations


If you’d like to cancel your subscription and not be billed again, please contact CCBill  ( via live chat, via phone (1.888.596.9279),  or email (

Please Note:

  • when you cancel your subscription, your access will continue through the completion of the last 30 day period you paid for.
  • if you wish to re-subscribe after cancelling, you will have to again pay the initial subscription fee (eg. for a basic membership, $29.99 for the first month).
  • if you are having difficulty with a download or product, please email me at before cancelling your membership, so you can avoid unnecessary additional fees when/if you sign up again.
  • you will need to sign in with the same login you used when you purchased your videos in order to continue to view them. Deleting and creating new logins can interfere with your ability to access previous purchases. This goes for “A-la-carte” as well as membership purchases.
  • you can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time, without changing your login. There is no need to create a new profile if you change your membership type.